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It is the Journey: A Lesson Learned Outside My Comfort Zone

I had the opportunity (read terrifying experience) to travel to a city and finish my YogaWorks training. I live in a small town. I know everyone here. Basically, all people here are famous. We walk down the street and people say “hello” and ask about our day or our parents or our job. The only scary thing here is being caught at the super market by half the people at your church with no make-up on. So I filled up my gas tank, bought a Pellegrino, and left my comfort zone to go study in DC. Did I mention that I cannot parallel park? Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

The people I met during this training were amazing. They didn’t have it all together like I thought they would because they lived in a city and I lived in a conservative, tiny, beach town. We were all humans trying our best, failing constantly, and living our lives.

I met a guy at this training. He was so fit and strong. I knew he wasn’t afraid of anything. He killed arms balances and inversions. His instagramwas full of perfect pictures in amazing poses.

Tonight I saw a photo he posted. He genuinely looked happy. I could see the light seeping out of his body…joy. And I commented. I told him he looked happy. To my surprise, he replied, “Thank you Elizabeth! Handstands are a continual journey for me, and I try to look at the bright side of those trial and error moments.” And then I realized…it is the journey. And we are all on one. We never reach the destination. It is a continuous struggle between acceptance and growth. The moment we get there…we will always need to be somewhere else. So why not embrace the trials? Embrace the errors? Find beauty in the every day moments?And help each other in our journeys?

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