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  • Elizabeth Baker

I want to be weird with you

I wrote this poem after I left Kripalu. I was there for a Yoga in Schools training and it was amazing!  In our closing circle, a beautiful soul thanked us for letting her be weird.  This goes out to all weird people!

I want to be weird with you.

To don tie-dye

And dance under the moon.

I want our weirdness to be different.

But understanding.

There is already too much of the same.

To laugh out loud,

And not judge when we cry

To listen

And save seats for each other.

To hug too long

And make up lyrics.

Say the wrong thing,

But not feel bad.

If your weirdness and my weirdness coexist

Then maybe I'm not all alone after all.

Maybe our homes

and our hearts

and our tribes

Are only found when we allow

When we break our walls.

Tear down our pride.

Understand that everyone is uncomfortable.

We are all in battle.

And embrace

I want to be weird with you.

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